Antique Valuation in a Nutshell

 Antiques are items which are old to some extent and have some value in them. The value might be appreciated in terms of money or good. Antiques are more often than not items which are collectible. They may possess some significant value in terms of history, aesthetics, age, condition, rarity, emotional or personal connection and other unique characteristics. Antiques often represent a time period or an era in human history. There are organizations all over the world which deal with antiques. There are enthusiasts also who swear by antiques and have large collections of them. In the antique trade, an item to be considered as an antique has to be at least more than 100 years old. If it is less than 100 years, that item may be considered as vintage. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common queries people have in relation to antiques.

How do I identify an antique?

The most common question people have is how do they identify their antiques. A most valuable piece of items will have signatures or marks on them. This can help identify the maker of the item or which time period it was created. Most common pieces of antiques like silverware, glass or porcelain objects and even furniture will have some marks engraved on them. If the item was valuable, the maker would definitely want people to know of its value. Looking for hallmarks or signatures can be one of the most common ways of identifying antiques.

What collectibles are worth money?

There are a lot of items out there which might fetch a good amount of cash. We list some Items down below which can fetch money:

  • Equestrian paintings have a lot of value in them due to their beauty and rarity. Other old pictures may also be valuable. The artist and the date of painting can usually be found on the back of the painting or on the lower right corner.
  • Wooden chests, storage boxes and even drawers can be valued as antiques. Old wood is considered rare and the age gives a unique colour and texture to the wood.
  • Metal trunks are another unique item which cannot be found nowadays. Old trunks were used as early as the 1800s when horse-drawn carriages were still a thing.
  • Furniture, rugs and quilts are another favourite items for collectors. They are one of the most commonly seen pieces of antiques in auctions. Antique rugs and quilts will often have some sort of embroidery in them which a specialist can determine.
  • Old books are a hot favourite among the antique community. They signify knowledge and learning from history.
  • Musical instruments with old designs are another great piece of antiques
  • Other items include belt buckles, pottery, coin banks, sewing machines, postcards, perfume bottles, mailboxes, silverware, antique tools, vinyl records and tapes, luggage bags, dollhouses, etc.

Is antique furniture valuable?

Old furniture can usually be detected from the wood. Antique furniture can be very valuable due to the type of wood used and the era in which they were produced. There can be different types of furniture like armchairs, swings, tables, cupboards, etc, which can be very valuable if estimated properly by an expert.

How do I find the value of my antiques?

If you want to undertake antique valuations for your item, then the best approach would be to seek the help of a professional valuation expert. These are people who deal in antiques and will assist you in finding the best replacement value for your item. If you feel after consultation with an expert that you have a valuable item on your hand, it is wise to get insurance for the same. A trustworthy specialist will value your antique based on:

  • Object type
  • Materials used
  • Markings and inscriptions
  • Distinguishing features
  • Maker
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Date

Where can I sell my antiques and valuables?

There are a lot of places where you can sell your antiques. If you are looking to do it offline, approaching your local antique shop may be the best option for you. A simple google search will reveal to you all places around you which deal in antiques. You can also visit auction houses where they can do a free appraisal for you.

How can I get antiques appraised online?

There are also various websites where you can get your antiques appraised and then proceed to sell them. These websites will assess your antiques for determining the exact value and then offer you a price. Appraisal of antiques online takes very little effort and time on your part. It is best to approach multiple dealers to get an idea of the average market price.